Eulogy to a passionate woman

Mary died at 10am on May 23rd 2016 and according to the calendar she has not been with us for 18 weeks. Damn and Feck – that’s over 4 months.

It feels like 2 minutes and 2 millenia.

There are things happening in my life that I really want to share with Mary – and I can’t – and I also know that she’d be so delighted for me and sending me lists of people and ideas to help me along the way.

We’d be celebrating today’s progress with bubbles and lots of chat.

One of the people who has been a huge help in encouraging and supporting this potentially new path also gave a very moving eulogy at the crematorium as part of the whole saying goodbye process for Mary.

You can read Stephen’s eulogy here as a pdf and I added some pics of John and Mary into the document.

Stephen, we all know you’re not Mary, but even she said how alike you were – you both love ideas, have a real delight in connecting people to each other and have a wonderful energy in the world.

Thanks for being such an amazing support and for writing a truly moving eulogy.

Mary, we all miss you in our lives.

It’s as simple, complex and feckin sad as that dear friend.




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