I miss you Mary

The loss of you is still raw and fresh.

It’s like a hole in the world that will never be filled and my life has changed forever.

Memories give me some layers of comfort but they feel like I’m looking through lace curtains and I can’t see you clearly anymore.

I know you’re gone and it breaks my heart because you adored life more than anyone I’ve ever known.

We were likely/unlikely  friends  and we delighted in each other.

I  miss our conversations.

I miss your unwavering belief in me.

I miss how we both revelled in the tastes, sights and textures of the world.

I miss how we adored talking about ideas, social justice, community engagement and creativity.

I miss our delight in charity shop rummaging and finding treasures for each other,

I miss all the years we’ll not have together.

I miss seeing how you would have grown, deepened and startled as you grew older.

I miss that you and John didn’t have more decades together.

I miss you so  much Mary.

I am bereft.

I grieve the loss of you in the world.

I celebrate all of you Mary and I grieve.

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