The Why and How

” If we have our own why in life, we shall get along with almost any how.” Nietzsche

Dancing to a different drum isn’t always easy, particularly when the big drums of our culture seem to worship consumerism, technology and a kind of economic rationalism that kicks humanity to the curb in favor of financial profit for a small elite.

The creative foraging I’m doing to explore the kind of life I want to live into the future is full of complexity, confusion and a kind of deep patient listening.

I have no idea where it will lead.

What I do know is that there are some core values and delights [the Why] that drive the core of my life:

  • creativity and curiousity are at the core of everything I am
  • research and information delights me
  • moving theory to practice [and vice versa] is central to all my work
  • seeing the patterns in complex information and ideas and then writing about it make me happy
  • working across boundaries has always been how I act in the world
  • design and beauty in all its forms keeps me sane
  • working with and for creative and value driven people has been my constant delight
  • the arts and arts in community
  • sharing  and connecting with others
  • animals – particularly dogs
  • growing and cooking food
  • being in nature
  • the sensate in the world – color, touch, taste, sound, sight
  • I adore serendipity, paradox, complexity and synchronicity
  • reading and more reading
  • having lots of alone quiet time
  • working to  connect people to their power
  • social justice
  • enjoying the process and the end result
  • growing old in place and exploring new models of collective and connective affordable housing
  • good food, good company and good wine

How I manifest these principles and delights into the rest of my life is a puzzle I’m exploring and I’m surprising myself at how hard and easy it is to move away from my own preconceived story about who I am and how I can live my life into the future.

I need to keep rattling my cage and see what happens.

I’m moving to a new housesit in mid September and will be creating my own studio for 6 months to explore some personal creative projects.

I have no idea how I’ll earn money in the long term and am staying open to new opportunities.

Will I stay in Perth? WA? Australia?

Who knows?

All I know it that I’m committed to a house and dog sit gig until mid March 2017 and right now I have no idea what I want to do or where I want to live after that time.

And that’s just fine.


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