perspire: inspire: seduce: finding a great project management tool to keep it all sorted

perspire: finding the needle in a haystack

I’m on day 17 of a 365 day creative forage to rebuild my life and if you want to know more then dance over here.

Like you I can’t just loll about all the time because I love moving the musings to reality.

I’m working on getting work and that’s got a whole list of things to do including work on my Focused Solutions site.

I have a little paid and probono work and that has a list of things to do.

I have all this fab creative foraging and you wouldn’t believe the lists that are breeding.

My ideas are having ideas and it’s worse than breeding rabbits.

I need to get some order in the complexity and the chaos.

So today I researched project management tools that could help me create a quiet glow of ideas moving to action.

There’s a lot of sand on the project management beach

I’m a bloody good researcher and can hold very complex data easily.

Thank feck for that because there are a lot of project management tools out there and you really need to know what you want.

Here’s what I wanted:

  • a great user interface that was simple to use
  • possibly free but if I had to pay then make it monthly and not per user
  • a calendar
  • capacity to do subtasks
  • ability to send information to key people and clients and communicate within the tool
  • ability to set deadlines
  • able to create lists
  • love to have kanban ability
  • able to store key files

I made my assessment matrix, read reviews and clicked on sites to look at features and pricing.

I checked over a dozen top products and rejected nearly all of them for a few reasons:

  • ugly interface
  • free option had too many limits
  • monthly payments too expensive for functionality
  • too many bells and whistles – I LOVE simplicity

Who won and why they Inspire: me

Freedcamp is now my new best friend.

It’s got a lovely intuitive user interface and I’ve been able to set up the structure of all my key projects in less than an hour. I’ll spend time adding tasks and timing over the next few days.

It’s free and no limit on projects or users – LOVE LOVE – and can’t wait to link my clients into it.

I feel calmer already because I can take all my gorgeous musings and put them in Freedcamp so nothing gets lost and LOTS GETS DONE

I’m really proud of myself for getting this sorted today because it’s going to be a huge tool as I creatively forage over the next year.

I want to move a lot of my musings to reality and having the Freedcamp structure will be a huge help.

Who knew a project management tool could be such a seductive scamp?

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