Coco: Elvis & Neoteny

It’s all in the hips and the lips

Part of the serendipity of this creative foraging over the next year is fine tuning how my conscious and unconscious communicate with each other.

How do you get the hips and the lips to play together like Elvis?

It’s becoming clearer to me that I need to be more conscious as I move through my day and life.

Depression and melancholy create a numbness and sedation of the senses that’s just shit.

It’s a shitty cycle that can spiral into despair and dark thoughts.

Being consciously sensate keeps the spark of my life alight.

Neoteny: ways to let serendipity & the unconscious play

Neoteny: displaying childlike qualities

I ADORE words and will be flinging them with gay abandon through this journal.

Here’s a few neoteny qualities that appeal to me and will be in my playbox for this foraging year – they’ll help my unconscious speak as I serendipity wander:

  • laughter
  • curiousity
  • no shame
  • belief in things yet unseen
  • risk
  • playful
  • innocent optimism
  • flow
  • different sense of time & focus
  • no sense of the impossible
  • let feelings live

Coco: living expression of neoteny

Coco is not chocolate or Chanel – although she is that colour and has her style.

Coco was the heart of my life for over 6 years and in December 2014 I had to rehome her with a dear friend because I was too poor to pay the enormous amounts of money to move her from one side of the world to another.

Her new mum sends me pics and today she sent me one of Coco and Elvis the pig.

Coco and most animals are the epitome of neoteny.

They have an innocence and joy in the moment that is palpable.

They’re extraordinarily sensate and delight in simple things – walks, treats, love, play and safe home.

Coco was my guru  and her happiness with my friend and all the animals she lives with is the silver lining in my sadness.

I will begin again to consciously live the the things I learnt from Coco about being childlike and deeply sensate.

Thanks Coco for being an unconventional and inspiring guru to an unconventional human.

Love and miss you.

p.s Coco, I think we are lolling soulmates!



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