Seduce: to entice and lead astray

Seduce yourself

It’s all about the senses.






Stop right now.

Use one of your senses and savor – enjoy it to the full.

Lolling helps as well when you want to savor.

I like the idea of wandering astray because that’s part of creative foraging – the serendipity wander with no real plan.

Enjoying sensation keeps me alive

Depression isn’t just bloody depressing, it’s a kind of numbing and flatness that breaks my heart.

One of the main reasons I’ve decided to do this Creative Foraging year is so I can reconnect and rebuild my life.

Being consciously sensate isn’t just fun, it’s also a meditation for me.

When I stop, shut my eyes and taste something I reconnect.

When I sat at the bus stop this morning and listened to the layers of birdsong my mind stopped its gerbil whirring and my heart felt calm.

Consciously using my senses also inspires me and delights my unconscious as well as creating flashes of insight and new patterns of thought.

What seduces me inspires me

Being consciously sensate creates inspiration and will be a huge part of this year of creative foraging.

There’s a playfulness and sense of adventure that accompanies it all.

It’s almost like being a child.

There’s a simplicity in the complexity that’s quite innocent.

And that’s something I badly need to reclaim because being an adult in recent years has been painful.

Creating this mad adventure for a year and writing here over the last few days has delighted me in a way that nothing has for a while.



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