Perspire without losing the plot

Why is it important to perspire?

Lolling is my love and it inspires me.

Inspiration is what keeps me deciding to stay alive.

Perspiration is the effort to action that’s needed when I want to creatively forage and turn insiration into reality.

Passion without some kind of action/effort is just talk and can start to feel frustrating.

Action without some kind of purpose can be aimless and confusing.

Effort that’s enjoyable

I’ve designated the next year as a creative foraging to rebuild my life.

I will loll: inspire: perspire: seduce and that has all sorts of effort involved.

Some of the effort will be visible as I go out, wander, look, taste, listen and seek out serendipity and synchronicity.

Much of the effort will be invisible as my heart, mind and intuition muses and mulls and plays with complexity to see what patterns form.

I have no idea what will happen, who I’ll meet and what new pathways will be created.

That’s part of the exquisite enjoyment of this whole creative foraging.

Even dead ends will have their purpose

Because there’s no map for the trip I’m about to take, there will be dead ends.

That’s o.k because I’ll learn something from that wandering and be able to weave it into the overall pattern of the trip.

I know I’ll get tired and there will be internal voices asking ‘are we there yet?’

I know I’ll get pissed off and frustrated and excited and scared.

At least I’ll be alive.


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