Let’s look at Lolling

Lolling is my passion

It’s where I muse, imagine and wander.

If there was an Olympics for Lolling then I could represent two countries in a lolling decathalon and get Gold.

Forget meditation – lolling get’s me into the zone.

I have never understood the cult of Busy.

The Busy Bees filling time with movement and action and full diaries.

Give me quiet and a horizontal surface, preferably soft, and I’m in heaven.

Simply put – lolling is all about stopping and letting the busy go by. It’s about being quiet and letting all of you slow right down and then wandering into day dreams and sometimes just nothing

Move from amateur to professional

I have been a professional Loller since childhood and can count on one hand the other professional Lollers I know.

It’s not for the fainthearted.

It’s the work of the brave.

Lolling is my way of being.

Some call it lazy as if every second should be filled with action and activity.

My heart, mind and body need lolling to recharge and then have a weird kind of chat with my unconscious.

Lolling sometimes feels like dreaming while awake

Creating lolling space not only recharges me it also gives my unconscious time to play and send ideas and messages to my mind and heart.

It’s not always comfortable.

It’s not always even understandable.

It is always interesting.

Connections between ideas and thoughts happen.

New perspectives on some of my life shit happen.

And sometimes nothing happens – that’s lolling.

When the gurus think they’ve discovered slowing down and lolling

Give me strength.

After a lifetime of Busy, Ariana Huffington suddenly discovers Slow and Sleep which are a big part of Lolling.

Waaay ahead of you Ari baby.

And guess what she does?

Gets Busy creating a whole process and paid seminars to tell people to sleep and slow down.

There’s money in them thar Lolling hills!

Why Lolling is part of LIPS

Lolling is my sanity saver.

It’s also one of the biggest parts of my creativity because it’s where ideas, imagination, day dreaming, fears, musings, bubblings and mad calm come from.

Without lolling I would just be a busy person doing things.

Lolling creates the space for me to keep connecting to what’s important to me.

It’s where I’ll find some measure of peace as I work and wend my way through this next year of seeing what’s next and trying to rebuild my life.

Lolling keeps me choosing to be alive.



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