Inspiration is my oxygen

Breathe inspiration

When I feel stuck in a rut I seek out inspiration.

It’s a serendipity thing where I wander through galleries, streets, online, offline and in words.

Art and design give me a visceral thrill when I’ve been thinking too much or caught up in the grains of sand.

I adore ideas and thinkers and concepts and complexity so reading feels like a big hug for my mind.

The last year has been tough for a range of reasons including a move by myself from one side of the world to another.

I’ve struggled to connect with my new life back in a country I lived in over 20 years ago.

Serendipity and Synchronicity are kissing cousins

Yesterday I was reading a magazine that inspired me to set up this site, an instagram account and an idea for a year of creative foraging to rebuild my life.

Collective Hub is a delight of design and content and it kicked me out of my blah rut into LIPS.

Serendipity is a way I creatively forage when I physically wander streets, bookshops and liquor stores as well as mentally forage when I’m online or reading.

It’s a kind of no plan adventure that gives my intuition time to play.

And when coincidences collide you have synchronicity.

Reading Collective Hub as a serendipity wander synchronously collided with my need to feel more alive.

Inspiration is an inside:outside thing

Over the next year I’ll be happily seeking out inspiration and sharing what I find with you.

There’ll be the inspiration I find outside myself with other people, design, art, buildings, food and all my senses.

And then there’s the inspiration I find inside myself as my mind, heart, body and intuition do their happy dance together as I research, read and write.

The unknown is a beautiful thing and a huge part of the creative process starts with a kind of foraging and wandering spirit.

And there will be a lot of lolling as I muse on the connections, disconnection and transformations between everything.

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