LIPS living

When life needs a recharge 

I’ve given myself a year.

A year to inspire myself.

A year to see what new pathways can be created for  my life.

A year to bring the things I love with me and throw the shit away.

The last year has been horrible in a way that’s not visible.

Today I was reading a mag that inspired me and I thought.

what would inspire me? what would connect me to my life? what would kick the shit out of my malaise?

LIPS: loll: inspire: perspire: seduce:

I decided to take a creative journey that would Inspire me.

I also realised that effort was needed – so there’s your Perspire.

And then I saw that an L would make LIP so I added my fave thing – Loll – where I can imagine and forage and enjoy musings and wanderings.

Then it came to me that Seduce was a word that could be played with – to seduce yourself with taste, sound, sight and touch as well as seduction of the mind and heart.

All very sensate.

That’s where LIPS came from and those 4 words will be my motivation for the next year.

Unknown : Risky : Adventure : Results

No idea where this will go and that’s part of the fun when you go play in creativity.

There’s a couple of things I want to do:

  • keep an offline notebook that has my musings and pics and inspirations and ideas
  • scribble away here

I have always loved creativity and creative people so I’ll be playing in that big ocean.

I adore researching and ideas and design so that’ll be part of my inspiration.

Growing things, cooking and eating are part of my life delight so be prepared for pics and recipes.

I also want to see if there are new ways I can earn a living as well as live my life so that foraging should be both scary and a laugh.

Here’s the site [Liz Lennon – Focused Solutions] that tells you about the work I’ve done in social justice, the arts, community development, research, evaluation, strategic thinking, project management, learning & performance and writing.

I’m not interested in target groups or number of likes or selling products – good on all the bloggers who do.

I am interested in writing and sharing ideas and info.

So that’s it folks.



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